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Month: November 2019

The Broken Home by Billy Graham

It is high time that our so-called experts on marriage, the family, and the home turn to the Bible.

Abide in the Word – Kenneth Copeland

Well, when you start abiding in the Word, you’re probably going to hear it in much that same way.

Open Heavens: How a Christian Should be Dressed

Those who claim to be born again Christians but are yet living in apparent disobedience of God’s word are in effect resisting or contending with Him. Romans 13:2 says:

There’s No Faith Without Risk – Rick Warren

That means we walk while looking with spiritual eyes, not physical eyes. We look from God’s point of view, not from a human point of view.

Open Heavens: More than Enough Room for All – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Definitely, you don’t need to be a mathematician or quantity surveyor to logically conclude that an estate that has taken over two thousand years to build would be very magnificent.

His Presence by Billy Graham

He will enrich our circumstances, be they pleasant or disagreeable, by the fact of His presence with us.

Don’t Buy a Lie – Kenneth Copeland

So let’s go to the Word of God today and get the issue of prosperity and poverty straight. Let’s find out, once and for all, which is the blessing, which the curse.

Are You Ready to Break out of Your Rut? – Rick Warren

So she takes the initiative and makes a daring act, pushing her way through the crowd to come up behind Jesus and touch the back of his robe. She is instantly healed!

Satan at Work by Billy Graham

And I long to take every one of them by the hand and lead them into the presence of the One who said, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

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