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Open Heavens: Crush that Crush II – Pastor E.A Adeboye

What is married woman doing on the phone with another man for countless minutes? Why would a married man be spending so much time with another man’s wife?

Just Do It – Kenneth Copeland

You’d think the temple rulers would have been rejoicing at what Jesus had done. But, no! They were angry because He’d done it on the wrong day.

Share What He Has Done by Billy Graham

There are those near you in your own community who need the regenerating power of Christ. You can call them by name. I suggest that you make a list and begin by spending time in prayer for them.

If You Can Be Trusted with Little, God Will Trust You with More – Rick Warren

Are you using your time that way? How about your influence? This principle applies to every area of your life.

Open Heavens:– Crush that Crush I by Pastor E.A Adeboye

If you are not yet ready for marriage, then a crush is an agenda of the devil to distract you from your goals and to crush your destiny.

Don’t Be Stony Ground -Kenneth Copeland

He’s going to be trying to mess you up every time you turn around. You’ll have problems, but the difference is now you have the answer—the Word of God

Jesus Is Our Comforter by Billy Graham

He may give way to despair and become bitter. He may endeavor to drown his sorrow in drink or in a life of wickedness. Or he may turn to God.”

What to Do If You Want to Hear ‘Well Done’ – Rick Warren

What matters is what you do with what you’ve been given and if God can trust you with more.

Open Heavens: Make Jesus Trend – Pastor E.A Adeboye

You can hardly visit the internet without a worldly picture popping up; they are either asking you to register on a dating site or advertising something with a half-naked woman.

Responsibility of Family by Billy Graham

If children do not learn this at home, they will go out into society without the proper attitude toward authority and law.

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