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About us

Abiding TV is a dedicated Christian Mobile TV. It is an establishment of Distinction Communication to bring Word of God by different powerful men of God to every souls of the world.

Worldwide Coverage
Our vision is very clear, we are reaching out to billions of mobile device users from every corners of the world. In this way we are able to propagate the undiluted messages of good hope more to people that would otherwise be excluded from hearing it.

With happenings from nooks and cranes of the world, it is crystal clear that kingdom of darkness is clouding people’s reasoning.

The mission of Abiding TV is to bring the Word from the Altars of men of God to the people of the world wherever and whoever they may be, so that there could be liberation from kingdom of darkness and win souls to the kingdom of God.

We are aiming to spread the Word out to as many listeners as possible, to provide a source of life-changing, faith-building messages for people who might not otherwise have the chance and opportunity to listen them directly from the four walls of the church.

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” – Romans 10:17 (NKJV)

It just so happens, we love God and love the people of the world. It’s our utmost passion to provide the best and most affordable media delivery system in the world to propagate the Word of God.

We yielded the spiritual obligation to spread the gospel to all people and we understood the bottleneck (finances, technicality and man-power) facing by churches and men of God to get their voices heard by billions of people of the world.

At AbidingTV, We have cooked up together all forms of marketing, broadcasting and technology to get the sermons preached by thousands of anointed powerful men of God spread to all corners of the world at cheap and affordable rates.

In Luke 4:43 Jesus tells the people of Capernaum this: “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.” As a TV channel, we are following in His footsteps. We are all called to proclaim the Good News in other towns, others states, even other countries, to the ends of the earth.

With the best in today’s technologies, AbidingTV gives men of God the ability to do just that, faster, cleaner and with the highest quality possible because the way media is watched has changed and AbidingTV is making use of cutting edge solution.

We have optimized into our solution all major portable device users including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops such as IOS and Android devices. We are working so hard to spread the gospel to at least one or two people in a family throughout the world.

We offer the best viewing options (Live TV, YouTube, Roku and Website) to ensure that your message can reach as many audiences as possible. With the option to share your church’s customized channel on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

AbidingTV poses to extend the reach of your ministry by bringing the Word of God to more people throughout the world.

We don’t work with clock as our live programs and on demand videos are always available for people to watch. Basically, we are offering  24/7 seamless viewing to keep our audiences busy with hearing of Word of God.

We transmit live and recorded Christian programs from our studio in Nigeria and also from every apart of the world to large numbers of audiences worldwide. We are able to achieved this by empowering churches, Men of God and speakers to transmit their live or recorded programs to our channel through a share dedicated account given to them.

In addition to 24/7 seamless viewing, we don’t just stop there in spreading the word, AbidingTV goes even further with your video contents by connecting it to AbidingTV Facebook Page, Twitter Page and more with just one click of a button. Best of all, it is available for embedment into Church website or sharing into church social media network so that followers can watch and listen directly from the church’s homepage.

In comparison to local and cable TV station, we create your very own Playlist Cloud Storage so that all viewers can watch any of the sermons, that means apart from our ROKU and YouTube channel, your church videos can either be watched on our social media pages, website. We makes it easy for you to get started with us, you record your messages and we transmit it to your playlist on our channel and in no time you’re ready to reach out beyond what you ever imagined.

The AbidingTV is
accessible through below stated platforms which are currently being used by
millions of audiences from United State, Europe, Asia, Africa and other part of
the world. On these mediums, powerful Word of God from anointed men of God are
transmitted for people to watch and listen.

We adopted three tiers of technologies to spread the Word.
The Live TV on the website of AbidingTV www.abidingTV.com,
ROKU and YouTube with dedicated playlist to each men of God.

We can transmit live and recorded sermons to our Live TV,
ROKU channel, at the same time, uploading it to YouTube playlist of each church
or man of God for easy access for African audiences. We also write out a single
paragraph that talks about the sermon, YouTube embed code of the sermon and
publish it on AbidingTV website for African
and Nigerian audiences. Importantly, all the contents on platforms are credited
to the owners.


Sponsor Your Church’s Program on AbidingTV

If you have being blessed by the Word of God by your man of God why not consider sponsoring the Message on AbidingTV Video-On-Demand YouTube Channel and Roku.  AbidingTV will enable men of God to reach global audience with regular Sunday Morning Service and weekly special sermons.  We will rebroadcast your message on our Roku Network.  Use the message that bless your local congregation to bless so many people around the world.  AbidingTV provide an authentic evangelism tool at an affordable cost.

Talk to us today to see how your church or ministry can enroll.

                                           Event Coverage

AbidingTV Crew can also be invited to cover church live program. We can do video streaming of your event and simulcast the stream on our YouTube and Roku network.

As part of our services, we handle  social media pages and also build and maintain website for churches to retain thousands to millions of people to follow their church

Give us a call now and get the Good News spread abroad through AbidingTV platforms.
Call: +2348084414379, +2348038227525 or +2348159546727 now. Email: info@abidingtv.com

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