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Be Willing to Be Interrupted by Rick Warren

Be Willing to Be Interrupted by Rick Warren

“Jesus told him, ‘Go and do likewise’” (Luke 10:37 NIV).

If you want to serve others the way Jesus serves you, then toss your schedule out the window. People need you when they need you. You must be willing to be interrupted.

They won’t need you according to your schedule. Love is often inconvenient, and serving others takes time. One thing we know about Jesus is that he allowed himself to be interrupted. He stopped and helped.

One day Jesus told a parable about a Good Samaritan, who found a man beaten and robbed on the road to Jericho. A priest and a church official had already walked right by the injured man without helping, but the Samaritan stopped.

Think of the excuses he could have made to justify walking by and not helping. He could have said, “I’ve got my own problems to think about” or “I’ve got important business to care for” or “Somebody else will help him.”

Frankly, anytime you want an excuse for not helping a need God puts before you, the Devil will be right there to give you one. He will gladly give you a thousand excuses on why you don’t have the time, energy, or money to help someone before you who needs help.

But when you encounter hurting people, it’s an opportunity to learn to serve and learn to love—that’s how God wants to use those moments in your life.

When you encounter these opportunities today, how will you respond? Will you pass on by? Or will you seize the moment?

Jesus takes the time to help you in your time of need. When Jesus finished the parable of the Good Samaritan, he said, “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:37 NIV).

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Talk It Over

How can you build margin into your schedule so you can more easily show kindness to others?
What fears do you need to move past to be able to show kindness to others?
Be prepared this week: God wants you to show kindness toward someone on your path. How will you respond?

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