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Beauty for Ashes by Joel Osteen

Beauty for Ashes by Joel Osteen

…Give them bouquets of roses instead of ashes…
(Isaiah 61:3, TLB)


Ashes represent what’s left over when everything is burned up. These ashes represent your broken dreams, your disappointments, your hurts and your pains. We all have our share of ashes. God wants to give you beauty for ashes, but an exchange must occur. You can’t hold on to your ashes and receive something beautiful. You have to lay aside the ashes and accept the bouquets of roses God has for you. If you’re going to see the beauty, you have to shake off the ashes of self-pity. You have to shake off the discouragement. We all have wounds, but He wants you to be the victor, not the victim! Make a decision to let go of the ashes of the past and grasp the “roses” God has for you.


God, thank You for promising to sweep away the ashes of my past and give me something beautiful in their place. I choose to give them up to You and receive Your healing and restoration in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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