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Lover of Lost Souls

Lover of Lost Souls

Evangelism is a must and necessity for every Christians but not all Christians or believers has the time or opportunity to evangelize Word of God let alone of spreading the Word even to share it with the close people in the office. Abiding TV is now calling on those people that fall within that category to support our vision.

At Abiding TV, we are intend to engaged millions of foreign and local audiences through latest innovative communication technologies. 

What We Need?

We have successfully launched the portal three months ago and we have able to secured thousands of Facebook followers and it keeps increasing daily. Also, some necessary resources to make the Work of God easy and keep going.

We need following items:
Bus or Pick up: We need fairly used Bus or Pick up; so as make the collection of sermons from men of God more easier

Office space: We need to acquire another office so as
accommodate for more staffs that will make the uploading and
transmission of sermons faster and easy

Internet: We need to acquire dedicated internet connection to
enable hitch-free transmission and uploading no matter the numbers of
sermons, we want to upload to the server.

5 PC: We need more computers for editing of sermons before uploading

Cameras: We need to acquire cameras so as to be able to record
powerful sermons of church that doesn’t have recording camera to record
their messages

Furniture: We will need it in new office to be acquired

However, we don’t mind if someone want to give us some of these items to get going, we really appreciate it. We can be reach via our email address info@abidingtv.com God bless you as you do so.
However, we don’t mind if someone deem it fit to give us all or one of these items to keep the work of God going.

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