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How to Be Stable in Ever-Changing Winds – Rick Warren

You have so many doubts, and you get tossed about because you’re depending on your wisdom, not God’s.

Open Heavens: We are Going Higher Fasting by Pastor E.A Adeboye

You will discover that your thinking will be sharpened as your body will become healthier and your brain will even become more efficient.

Don’t Think Like the World -Kenneth Copeland

If you think like the world thinks, eventually you will act like the world acts. Unrestrained thoughts produce unrestrained actions.

A Clear Message – Billy Graham

Just as the Constitution includes all who live under its stated domain, without exception, so the Bible includes all who live under its stated domain, without exception.

Godly Friends Help You Make Good Decisions – Rick Warren

You need to get some godly people in your life who love and obey the Bible. You were never meant to practice God’s wisdom on your own.

Open Heavens: What is Your Focus by Pastor E.A Adeboye

The same applies in the kingdom of God. Many people call themselves Christians, but only a few have the right focus.

God Is Healing Our Land Kenneth Copeland

They’ll also take a sin-ridden nation and turn it into God’s own country. That’s right.

Religious Freedom By Billy Graham

Thank God for a country where there is no caste or class to keep a man from going to the top.

God’s Word: What You Believe, You Do – Rick Warren

Many people know the Bible, but in order to be blessed by the it, we need to do what it says.

The Highest Law – Billy Graham

It is in the Bible that God makes His enduring promises. It is in the Bible that God reveals the plan of redemption for the human race.

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