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God Says Respond to Unfairness with Love – Rick Warren

You can’t control when another person treats you unfairly. You can control whether you get bitter in the process. You can control your response to injustice.

Stand Up and Be Counted – Kenneth Copeland

Our country is in the midst of a spiritual outpouring, and it’s vitally important that the right people be elected. We must see to it.

The Madness of the Gospel By Billy Graham

One of the great needs in the church today is for every Christian to become enthusiastic about his faith in Jesus Christ.

How Do You Treat People Who Serve You? – Rick Warren

Whether it’s a waitress, a waiter, a clerk, an employee, a secretary, your children, or your spouse, how you treat those who serve you tells me a great deal about you.

How’s Your Spiritual Maintenance? – Gloria Copeland

You have so many things to maintain, He told her. You maintain your house. You maintain your car, your yard, your machines, your hair….

Is It Well With Your Soul? – Billy Graham

Consequently, we are one-sided. We become fat physically and materially, while spiritually we are lean, weak and anemic.

You Can Disagree without Being Disagreeable – Rick Warren

One day God will settle the score. Each of us will have to give an account for our behavior.

Take Correction – Gloria Copeland

There is one thing you can do that will accelerate your spiritual growth more than almost any other thing: Learn to take correction—from the Spirit of God and from His people.

True Friendship – Billy Graham

Left entirely to itself, it cannot enjoy anything. God said in the beginning, “It is not good that man should dwell alone” (Genesis 2:18). The creation of Eve was the beginning of human companionship.

Every Person Is Worthy of Respect – Rick Warren

Respect has become an endangered value over the past few decades.
Yet the Bible makes it clear that stable families—and stable societies—are built around respect.

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