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Open Heavens: Start Early II – Pastor E.A Adeboye

If your day starts when it is still dark, then you are on the right track, Those who start their days early usually turn out to be high achievers. Our Lord Jesus is a prime example of this principle.

Look Up! – Kenneth Copeland

And since your faith is the product of the Word, that means your faith will wither. Once that happens, you’re headed for disaster.

The Secret of Real Living by Billy Graham

The second word I would say would be devotion. Nothing can take the place of a daily devotional life with Christ. Your quiet time, your prayer time, the time you spend in the Word,

Be Quick to Keep Your Promises to God – Rick Warren

No matter what your idols are and no matter what your temptations are, the strategy is clear: Run away. Don’t argue. Don’t fight. Run. If you don’t want to get stung by the bees, get away from the hive.

RCCG Opens: Start Early – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Who says that you cannot go beyond your own expectations for yourself this year? For you to achieve this however, you must live by the minute. You must also start early.

Filled With Christ by Billy Graham

We also look back over our failures, mistakes, and missed opportunities, and vow that we will make better use of our time during the coming year.

Hurry to Obey God’s Commands – Rick Warren

Other times you should move quickly. Today, as we get ready to ring in a new year, we’re going to talk about two times when you should move quickly.

Open Heavens: You Shall Laugh Last – Pastor E.A Adeboye

The management of the buying company was magnanimous enough to absorb the workers of the liquidated company into their workforce, but at lower cadres compared to their initial designations.

Don’t Speak—Shout Your Victory! Kenneth Copeland

It is time to pray the prayer of faith and take your stand on the basis of His provision. It is time to continue to do the things you know to do.

God Loves You! – Billy Graham

It is the same with God’s love. Until you actually possess true peace with God, no one can describe its wonders to you.

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