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Don’t Give Up on Doing the Right Thing – Rick Warren

You’ve tried and tried and tried to make a difference, and it just isn’t happening. Maybe you feel like giving up on a dream or a goal—or even yourself.

Open Heavens: The Meek – Pastor E.A Adeboye

A meek fellow is one that the world would easily call a fool or mumu in my local parlance. A meek fellow is one whose toes you can step on yet still have him apologise. Matthew 11:29 says:

Jesus Can Set Them Free – Kenneth Copeland

The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

Rejoice in Him – Billy Graham

Christians are supposed to be happy persons! Our generation has become well versed in Christian terminology, but is remiss in the actual practice of Christ’s principles and teachings

Care About What God Cares About – Rick Warren

He said, in effect, “I’ll do anything I can to bring you home to heaven, even if it means my only Son dying on the cross.”

Light Comes Bursting In – Joel Osteen

We know that God is always with us, but the psalmist says that in times of difficulty, God is very present. You’ll never see the fullness of who God is if you’re in the light all the time.

God Gives You Undeserved Preferential Treatment by Joseph Prince

They give you a blanket if you are cold. They give you the best kinds of food. They give you preferential treatment compared to those traveling in economy class.

The Spirit of God – John Hagee

They can be crushed through circumstances beyond our control, destroyed by decisions that we long to take back, or shattered by tragedies of the past.

Lean on the Rock by Billy Graham

But there is a new dimension, a new direction, and a new power in life to face the circumstances in which you live.

Don’t Worry! – Kenneth Copeland

If Satan brings a worried thought to your mind, saying, “What if this terrible thing happens?” then you can tell him to talk to God about it. It’s in His hands, not yours!

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