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Your Time Is in God’s Hands – Rick Warren

Another way to relieve your stress and demonstrate your trust in God is when you ask him for something in prayer. When you do, don’t try to set a time limit or deadline on God’s answer. Leave the timing up to God.

Open Heavens: Living Holy I – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Some have even concluded that it is possible to live a holy life, but nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus said in Matthew 5:48:

A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth – Gloria Copeland

So Satan is constantly tempting us to spoil that atmosphere, to foul things up by being at odds with each other.

The Spiritual Realm – Billy Graham

When you bring a grand and glorious abandon to your dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ, you are thought by many of your neighbors to be mad, to have “gone too far” in religion.

Open Heavens: By Whose Standard? – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Different cultures on earth all define standards by expect people to live by and try to impose this on anyone that lives under their influence.

Extremely Blessed – Gloria Copeland

But when we latched on to God’s Word, we latched on to something out of the ordinary, something that changed our lives. Every area of our lives.

The Finished Work by Billy Graham

Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
—John 3:3

A person is saved by trusting in the finished work of Christ on the cross, and not by bodily sensations and religious ecstasy. But you will say, “What about feeling? Is there no place in saving faith for feeling?” Certainly, there is room for feeling in saving faith.

But we are not saved by it. Whatever feeling there may be is the result of saving faith, but feeling never saved a single soul. Love is feeling. Joy is feeling. Inward peace is feeling. Love for others is a feeling. Concern for the lost is a feeling. But these feelings are not conversion. The one experience that you can look for and expect is the experience of believing in Christ.

Prayer for the day

Thank You, Lord, for Your gift of redemption, which does not fluctuate like my feelings.

Don’t Get Tired of Doing the Right Thing – Rick Warren

You’ve tried and tried and tried to make a difference, and it just isn’t happening. Maybe you feel like giving up on your dream or a goal. Maybe you feel like giving up on yourself.

Open Heavens: Principles of Success by Pastor E.A Adeboye

If you know more about God and His word, it will help you to make error-proof choices and decision. God can choose to speak to you on the way to go through the Bible or through prophetic utterances of genuine men and women of God.

Dare to Take Your Place -Kenneth Copeland

A covenant of grace. That’s what you and I have with Almighty God. If you could truly grasp the significance of that, you’d never be the same again.

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