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God Our Comforter – Billy Graham

I, even I, am he that comforteth you . . .
—Isaiah 51:12

There is also comfort in mourning, because in the midst of mourning God gives a song. His presence in our lives changes our mourning into song, and that song is a song of comfort. This kind of comfort is the kind which enabled a devout Englishman to look at a deep dark hole in the ground where his home stood before the bombing and say, “I always did want a basement. Now I can jolly well build another house, like I always wanted.” This kind of comfort is the kind which enabled a young minister’s wife in a church near us to teach her Sunday school class of girls on the very day of her husband’s funeral. Her mourning was not the kind which had no hope—it was a mourning of faith in the goodness and wisdom of God; it believed that our heavenly Father makes no mistakes.

Prayer for the day
Oh heavenly Father, who knows what agony and grief are because of the sacrifice of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ-I thank You for the comfort which embraces all those who love You.

The Joy of Knowing – Billy Graham

You cannot work your way toward happiness and heaven, you cannot moralize your way, you cannot reform your way, you cannot buy your way.

He Hears Us – Billy Graham

Christians, saints of God, pray that the dew of heaven may fall on earth’s dry, thirsty ground, and that righteousness may cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

What Faith Does to Your Dreams – Rick Warren

God gives you everything you need right now to accomplish what he has planned for you. So dream big about your relationships, marriage, family, and career

Christmas Is Not a Myth – Billy Graham

Christmas is not a myth, not a tradition, not a dream. It is a glorious reality. It is a time of joy. Bethlehem’s manger crib became the link that bound a lost world to a loving God.

Christ Is the Visible Image of the Invisible God – Rick Warren

God wanted to do the job of saving you right, so he came to earth himself. He didn’t come as an avatar, an angel, or a prophet. God came as a person. He became the baby and then the man Jesus Christ.

How Should Christians Measure Success?- Rick Warren

People do not run a marathon to get first place. Only one person out of the thousands running can get first place. They run a marathon to finish and be able to say, “I did it. I tried!”

Why We Don’t Give Up – Rick Warren

If you want to be a righteous woman or man of God, then you have to learn how to be resilient. That means when you stumble—and it’s guaranteed that you will—you get back up.

How to Surrender to God’s Will When You’re in Pain – Rick Warren

Whatever kind of situation you’re going through right now, you can start by praying in faith, “God, I know you’ve got the power to change this.”

Don’t Stop with Forgiveness – Rick Warren

Who has hurt you the most in life? Who are you holding a grudge against? What pain are you holding on to because you cannot forgive?

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