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Christmas Is Not a Myth By Billy Graham

When the fullness of the time was come,
God sent forth . . . his Son . . .
—Galatians 4:4

Christmas is not a myth, not a tradition, not a dream. It is a glorious reality. It is a time of joy. Bethlehem’s manger crib became the link that bound a lost world to a loving God. From that manger came a Man who not only taught us a new way of life, but brought us into a new relationship with our Creator. Christmas means that God is interested in the affairs of people, that God loves us so much that He was willing to give His Son.

How can you know God isn’t just a myth? Find out more.
Prayer for the day
Lord Jesus, as I remember Your birth in such a lowly stable, cleanse my heart that it might be a sanctified gift for You.

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