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Come forth, Warriors of the Tribe of Judah by Deborah Waldron Fry

Come forth, Warriors of the Tribe of Judah by Deborah Waldron Fry

” Come forth, Warriors of the Tribe of Judah”
“Beloved. The Spirit is calling forth My End Time Warriors. Do you hear the Battle Cry, My Child? 

Here you come, here comes My Tribe of Judah! Here come My Warriors. It is the Sound of Praise and Worship they march to. It is the Sound of the Spirit. Victory has been spoken forth into the Winds of the Spirit. I have declared that IT IS FINISHED.

The four Winds from the four corners of the earth are moving! No longer are you following the Trail of Tears, but you have been translated from darkness to Light. The Winds of the Spirit are the Heavenly Path you walk upon now, Dear One. You are not of the earth but of My Heavenly Kingdom. My Garments of Salvation and Robe of Righteousness are your warring garments. The enemy is trembling and quaking as you come forth. I am the Lion of the tribe of Judah. You are on My War Path. My Presence in you and My Gentleness make you GREAT. Oh, how the enemy cannot understand this.

You are the End Time Army of Praise and FIRE. You are the Army of the tribe of Judah who fight from a Place of Rest and GREAT POWER. Fire Power. I have trained your hands for battle, My Warrior. Your arms can bend a bow of bronze. I am your Shield and My Right Hand upholds you. My Gentleness shall exalt you and lift you HIGH above every principality and power. I broaden the Path beneath you so that your feet do not slip. I gird you with Strength. Pursue your enemy, Beloved Warrior of Mine, for I delight in you! By My Spirit, you shall overtake them; they shall fall under your feet, and surely, you shall recover all!

…Revelation 7:1 After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth, so that no wind would blow on the earth or on the sea or on any tree.
…Ezekiel 1:17 Whenever they moved, they moved in any of their four directions without turning as they moved.

…Psalm 18:10And He rode upon a cherub, and did fly: yea, HE DID FLY UPON THE WINGS OF THE WIND For who is God save but YAHWEH, the LORD? or who is a Rock save our God? 32It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.33He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet, and setteth me upon my high places.He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze. 35You have given me Your shield of salvation; Your right hand upholds me, and Your gentleness exalts me.

…Psalm 149:3Let them praise His name in the dance: let them sing praises unto Him with the timbrel and harp.

4For the LORD taketh pleasure in His people: He will beautify the meek with salvation. 5Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds.6Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand.

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