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I Had A Divine Revelation – Prophetess Nene Lawson-Agoro JP

I had vigil throughout the night: praying for all churches and believers from
around the world. I think I finished around 3’clock. Normally, I used to look at
the time to know the exact time I finish my vigil, but this time around, I did
not check the time. It took me some time to fall asleep; when I finally fell
asleep, it was a deep one.
The Holy Ghost visited me, I heard Him speaking to me concerning the
Church of God. He told me that the same thing that happened to Paul and
Silas is what is happening to the Church according to Acts 16:20-34. “They
were persecuted, they were hated because they preach Christ and they stand
against evil. The multitude rose up together against them they were taken to
the magistrates, they were flogged and were cast to the prison, charging the
jailer to keep them safely, because the instruction he was given, he put them
inside the inner part of the prison, he fastens their feet into the stock.”
The Lord made me understand that the Church of God is facing the same thing
during this lockdown. The Church is on lockdown just as Paul and Silas were
on lockdown.
In verse 25- At midnight, just as Paul and Silas prayed and sing praise unto
God: and the Churches all over the world must rise up to pray and sing praises
unto the Lord and let the whole world hears it. In verse 26 – suddenly there
was a great earthquake, the foundations of the prison were shaken: and
immediately all the doors were opened, and everyone’s band were loosed. The
Holy Spirit said to me, can you see that? Tell my people the body of Christ to
rise up and pray, the prayer has to be alone at midnight, He said the prayer for
COVID-19 is enough, they should remove their face from there, Satan is using
it to distract them. He said some of my children have started praying for the
Church long ago. The Holy Spirit said that more children of God should rise
up and join them in prayer.

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