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Kings’ Daughters by John Hagee

Kings’ Daughters by John Hagee

Psalm 45:9
Kings’ daughters are among Your honorable women

The Hagee family story cannot be told without acknowledging the contributions of the women from generation to generation. In honor of Mother’s Day, Pastor Matt Hagee shared pieces of their stories.

Laverta McElvany Hagee was born in 1893 and married Pastor Matt’s great-grandfather, John Christopher Hagee, when she was sixteen. She was the daughter of the Methodist bishop of Kansas and the region of Missouri. One night, Laverta attended a prayer meeting where she asked God for more of His presence, a deeper relationship with Him. He responded by baptizing her in the Holy Spirit. God filled her with unspeakable joy.

Struggling through the Great Depression, she gave birth to ten children – nine sons and the baby girl. Three sons died in infancy, and the others grew into a wild bunch. She needed the joy of the Lord to be her strength! She lived out this verse – the Lord was her salvation, her strength and song (Exodus 15:2). When her children gathered and shared childhood stories, laughing until tears ran down their cheeks, they always remarked on the joy with which their mom lived.

Vada Hagee married Pastor Matt’s grandfather in 1934. Very unusual for a woman in the 1920’s, Vada held not one, but two, college degrees. She was a college professor who taught homiletics and hermeneutics to men who wanted to be pastors. After she married, she preached to standing-room only crowds twice a week.

One Thursday night, she made this announcement from the pulpit, “Tonight is the last night that I will stand behind the pulpit and preach. I’m going to devote my life to supporting my husband and his ministry. And I’m going to invest my life in my sons. And I believe that God will give to one of them the ministry that He intended for me.” And she kept her word.

No one knew that the 10-year-old boy standing beside her that day would be the one that God used to fulfill His promise to her – Pastor John Hagee. She prayed every day that God’s will would be done in the lives of her sons. Pastor John avows that this woman was the force that Christ used to shape his life.

She believed that winning the lost was the most important thing that any human being could ever do. Because of her sacrifice, millions of people have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, millions of lives have been changed through Cornerstone Church and its ministries. Because Vada laid down her life and invested it in her children, millions of souls have been won to Jesus.


Heavenly Father, thank You for the beautiful legacy of those who have gone before in the faith. May their joyful example inspire and challenge us to live in full obedience to You so that Your name is declared from generation to generation. In Jesus’ name…amen.

Today’s Bible Reading:

Old Testament

1 Samuel 22:1-23:29

New Testament

John 10:1-21

Psalms & Proverbs

Psalm 115:1-18

Proverbs 15:18-19

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