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Monthly Donations

Abiding TV- Monthly Giving

We appreciate your monthly giving towards the work of God. May the good God blessed you and your family beyond expectation. The hand of God will be on your family, your going out and coming in are divinely protected. You  and your family will never be a victim of failure. False accusation will be far away from you. When evil raise its ugly head; your seed will stands for you. Amen

Thank you for your for the time, support and commitment in supporting our vision for an dedicated Christian Online television network. God has proven us worthy for the Kingdom’s work that we are able to bombard the airways with godly contents so as to win more souls to sanctuaries.

We are grateful to count you as partners in this task and appreciate your prayers and continued financial support in fulfilling this important mandate. Your kindness and support continues to enable us in spreading the Gospel and building God’s kingdom, as well as broadcasting sermons being preached by men of God to help shape a well rounded and balanced Christian lifestyle.

For Bank Transfer/Wire
Account Name: Distinction Communication
Bank Name: First Bank of Nigeria Plc
Account Number: 2021489068
Swift Code : FBNINGLA
Branch: Akanran Olorunsogo
Country: Nigeria

God bless
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