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Written by: Tunmike Umarudeen

For many, not making a choice seems like a safe option when compared to deciding on several choices, but this itself is a choice on its own. You might have also heard some people say “I belong to no one and I also belong to everyone”, I consider this to be a statement rooted in denial of allegiance or preference for a person above another. You can’t belong to everyone and at the same time be for everyone. It’s either one or the other.

Applying neutrality to everything is fast becoming a widely accepted idea in this age, but it’s a deception. Our transition from gender differences is leading to gender neutrality, uniformity of all religions is leading to religion neutrality too. The same idea is being applied to our spirituality.

Because man is a Spirit, it’s a delusion to live each day without recognising the reality of a spiritual influence at work in your life. You are either in partnership with God or the devil. The choice remains yours to be intentional about who you are in partnership with. You cannot be neutral!

The spirituality of life gives no room for neutrality. You are either for God or for Satan. There is no middle ground to this!

Failure to admit this is the root of indifference displayed by some. There is no agreement between righteous living and riotous living. No similarity exits between light and darkness.
You are either completely for God or not, you cannot be in between. There is no middle ground that leads to Him so you have to decide whose side you’re on.

“…. Thus says the LORD: “Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death.” Jeremaiah 21:8 (NLT).

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