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Our Core Value

Information Communication Technology is making life a lot easier and affordable to live compare to the last decade even as digitalization is taking over every sphere of life. Internet has poised a great fundamentally change and threat to the traditional TV market. With online video, there is an opportunities for online TV to disrupt the incumbents (Tradition local TV and Cable).

Distinction Communication (www.discomng.com). An international ICT firm owned by Arinola Olakanmi Yinka with some foreign partners developed ‘AbidingTV’.

AbidingTV is a dedicated Christian Mobile TV developed to bring Word of God by different powerful men of God to every soul of the world. 

We set to engage billions of local and foreign audiences through our Roku and othe platforms. Millions of people use Roku players every day to watch favorite entertainment instantly and Video on demand via TV set and mobile devices. 

So also our Youtube channel is widely available on TV set and mobile devices for billions of people to watch all over the world.

What is ROKU? 

Roku is a tiny, a latest innovation technology for video contents delivery. It is a little box that allows you to watch instantly stream tons of third-party content on your TV. Its remote-control interface is very easy to use and can be setup in 5 minutes. Roku connects to your high-speed Internet connection with an ethernet cable oreven wirelessly! There are no extra monthly bills to use this device and every player is packed with hundreds of free channels to enjoy right out of the TV. While we don’t also charge a monthly subscription to watch our channel. Roku makes it easy to enjoy the hottest movies, TV shows, music, games and more on your TV. Millions of people use Roku players every day to watch favorite entertainment instantly and on demand. 


We make use of this latest  technological innovation to engage audiences. Mobile devices is not doubt but a companion to everybody in the world nowadays. As billions of people become increasingly reliant on their mobile devices they want to have immediate access to information on the palm of their hand. So at Abiding TV, we adapted this trend because Roku and YouTube support mobile viewing for seamless 24/7 Word of God. And as a result of this, we are getting hold of people on the go. 

Mobile viewing makes it easier than ever for audiences to watch and listen to Word of God on the go. On this edge, we are boasting of over 1 billion smart phone users worldwide (foreign audiences) in years to come.

Why Choose AbidingTV?

High Quality Broadcasts
Our number one priority is to broadcast the messages that you send to us with same recording quality. We are broadcasting and uploading all our contents on a high dedicated internet connection and we constantly monitor our broadcasting hardware and connections to ensure that we have available resources intact to ensure all your messages are capable of having smooth, high quality audio and video. 

Archiving Made Easy
We provide on-demand archives for your viewers. We creates playlist for you so as to enable your messages recorded directly on our servers and are ready to archive the minute we stop broadcast your  message and there is a automatic button to make it a public archive.

Mobile Integration
There is no gainsaying that mobile devices are rocking this present dispensation. The sales of PC has drop drastically, mobile devices take the lead as people preferred to have everything going on the palm of their hand.  Our platform supports both live broadcasts and on demand videos for Blackberry, Window phones, Android and Apple iOS

Easy Embed and Sharing Options
We enable traditional iFrame embed options that enable your viewers to watch your live and on-demand video on your own website, we also connecting your archive to social media networks

Minimal Hardware Needs for Quality Sermons
Most churches already have almost everything they need to record their sermons such video camera, picture camera and computer for editing. Then, we take the load from there to get message spread to all corners on the world.

Affordable for Smallest Churches
Compare to traditional TV and Cable card rates, we are offering the cheapest rates to get message transmitted and propagate it to all corners of the world.

The edges to be on AbidingTV:

  • Transmission and uploading of your recorded sermons on AbidingTV YouTube channel, Roku channel and website so as to bless millions of people
  • An access right to use your sermon link or embed codes on AbidingTV YouTube channel for promotional needs of the church.
  • Automatically promoting the Man of God, church activities and special events
  • Increasing church social fellowship
  • Living up to global outreach platform

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