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Spirit-Controlled At All Times by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Spirit-Controlled At All Times by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

…be filled with the [Holy] Spirit and
constantly guided by Him (Ephesians
5:18 AMP).

dear lady was very angry with another
Christian sister, and as they bandied words,
she said to her neighbour, “Any more word
from you, I will drop this Bible, and smack your face!”
Meanwhile, she wasn’t holding a physical Bible, but she
meant that she’d keep aside whatever caution the Bible
gives, and hit her.

What does that show? It shows the Word wasn’t
yet in her heart; it was still in the Bible. When the Word
is in you, you can’t drop it; it’s your life. Every Christian
wants, and should live the life that’s Spirit-ruled and
Spirit-controlled; the life that’s filled with God. That’s
what Christianity is: Christ alive and at work in you, such
that you’re always under the sway and regulation of the
Spirit; not such things as anger, wrath and malice.

Don’t be controlled by your feelings or emotions;
be Spirit-ruled. It makes no difference how angry you
are; hold yourself in; it’s called in 2 Peter 1:6 “egkrateia”
(Greek). The Bible says, “Be ye angry, and sin not…”
(Ephesians 4:26). In other words, “Manage your anger.”
You can be tempted to be angry, tempted to act in a
way that’s inappropriate for a Christian, but if you walk
in the spirit, you’ll not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

How do you walk in the spirit? It’s by walking in
the Word of God; walking in the light of God’s Word.
You’re in Christ now; walk in love. Be Spirit-ruled, and
Spirit-controlled at all times. Read our opening verse again and notice how often we should be filled with
the Spirit: always! When you’re filled with the Spirit, you
have a Spirit-controlled life. Hallelujah!

I’m full of the Spirit. I’m patient and full of divine
wisdom; I express the beauty and excellence of
divinity through my words and actions every day,
being continually led of the Spirit, in Jesus’ Name.

Romans 8:13; Galatians 5:25; Ephesians 4:1 NIV

Mark 7:1-23 & Leviticus 26-27

Matthew 17: 22-27 & Exodus 6

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