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The Blessing Is Connected To Your Consciousness by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The Blessing Is Connected To Your Consciousness by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

And I will make of thee a great nation,
and I will bless thee, and make thy name
great; and thou shalt be a blessing
(Genesis 12:2).

Being born again, are you aware that you’re a
package of blessings? Not only are you
blessed, you’re a conveyor or dispenser of
blessings. You’re the seed of Abraham; this makes you,
not just a blessed man, but also a blessing. You’re
divinely empowered to prosper and that empowerment
impacts positively on everything around you as well.

The blessing also protects and preserves you
such that irrespective of the challenges or oppositions
you face, you always win. This is your life as a Christian;
you’ve been empowered to succeed in all things and
deal wisely in the affairs of life. However, the blessing
is connected to your consciousness; it doesn’t work by
accident. It works more when you’re conscious of it.

Let me explain it like this: someone else can pull
virtue out of you by faith, as we read about the woman
with the issue of blood, but that’s not you carrying
out any operation at that time. The woman with the
issue of blood in Mark 5:25 came in the press behind
and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and she was
healed instantly. Then Jesus asked, “Who touched me?”
So many people were touching Him at the time, but
there was something different about the touch from the
woman; it was a touch of faith, a demand on the power
of God.

 Jesus knew that someone pulled power out of
Him; He had the consciousness, just as the woman had the consciousness that if she touched Him, she’d be
healed. So, you have to be conscious of the blessings
of God in your life, and the greatest of such blessings is
the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Be more conscious of
the Holy Spirit in you; you’re not an ordinary person.

Yes, there may be challenging situations, but
when you’re conscious of who you are, and the greater
One that lives in you, you’ll always win. Challenging
situations never come to destroy you. Therefore, never
get frustrated by your challenges or crisis; be unruffled.
Maintain your composure; have the mindset of victory.

Dear Father, what a blessing it is to be a conveyor
and a dispenser of your divine love, power, glory,
virtue, compassion and grace! I’m your extension;
your outstretched arm to bring hope, succour, health,
blessings, and deliverance to a dying and hurting
world. Through me, your glory, power, and blessings
envelop the lives of many, to your glory and praise,
in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Deuteronomy 28:2-9; Ephesians1:3; Philemon 1:6

John 3:1-21 & 2 Samuel 22

Mark 8:10-21 & Numbers 9

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