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The Chest of A Priest by Tammy Lang Jensen

The Chest of A Priest by Tammy Lang Jensen

As I was seeking the Lord, I saw a horse and a person running up a hill. I then heard the words,”It is time for the thoroughbreds to be released.”

 They have waited patiently in the barn, and now it is time to go. They will not be able to see where they are going. Their job is to just trust and obey and move at the Father’s command.

I saw the Father place an Ephod (breastplate) on the chest of a priest. I heard him say, if I give you a tool similar to the Ephod(breastplate) to communicate with me, will you seek out keys day and night to learn how to use it? I saw the most interesting concussive wave go out kind of like energy, sound and light. The Lord said,”We must learn to tune in to the frequency of heaven.”

This is a place of deep surrender. A place of solitude and of rest. It is as unique as you are, and as liquid as the ocean. That is why it can be described as being in the flow. Drenched in the Father’s love, literally dew from heaven. The anointing falls heavy, in a place peaceful enough for a dove. Yoke yourself to the Master, Be yoked under His love.

Be ready to transcend into heaven, when you ascend to the mount of Transfiguration. Oh how Moses must have felt, when he shown with the glory of the Father’s presence …. Come shine in my glory….

Tammy Lang Jensen

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