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The Qualified by Tammy Lang Jensen

The Qualified by Tammy Lang Jensen

I have called you to be a general in my end time army. It is time to quit running from this responsibility. 

I no longer want to hear that you are not qualified, educated, anointed or strong enough to do it.

I don’t call the qualified, I qualify the called. I only need your completely surrendered yes. It is time to start walking like a leader and talking like a leader.

You will lead my children out of the valley of Bacca into pools and streams of refreshing water. You will help them find open doors of opportunity and you will train them how to defeat the enemy in battle. You will be a fine tuned, well oiled instrument in my hand.

You will know my voice and you will follow it without hesitation. Your discernment will be spot on and you will have a global impact. You have decided to follow Jesus, and I have decided to put you in charge. Mainly because you don’t want to be in charge, which means you will have a pure heart in a place of authority….

I am currently assigning territories and releasing assignments to my generals. If you are feeling a little unsettled in your spirit and with your schedule, it is because I am calling you away to the secret place….

I hear the Lord say,”This word is only for a chosen few!” But I also here for that few, if it is for you, “It will ignite in their spirit!”….

In my heart, your word is like a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot (Jeremiah 20:9)….

Tammy Lang Jensen

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